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International Move by Air

We can move your luggage anywhere in the world, from mysterious Africa continent to the beautiful Pacific island country. We are experienced in International Move business, by providing professional packing, customs brokerage, sea and air transportation service. We will move all your belongings from origin country until everything arrive safely in the destination.

your lovely piano and flower vases need carefully protection? and you also want to put your personal car in the shipment? you want to find one way to save your money on shipping cost?

Our adviser will provide you useful information and quote you reasonable price .
what'more, we will discuss the moving plan based on your specific need.

If the customer wants in a very short period of time for the goods to reach the destination, move by air is the best choice. Eliminating anxiety for long time waiting for shipping by sea, greatly reducing the transportation time, enjoy almost evening leave and next morning arrive experiences, and you will be very glad to see your luggage's reach you when you just finish jet lag . the disadvantage of air transportation is that, in order to guarantee the safety of air transport, airlines have strict regulation on carriage of certain special items, such as liquids, pastes, powdered materials, batteries, magnetic articles, engine equipped articles, etc. these articles have to be checked by authorized inspection agencys before the aircraft can tell if the cargo can be accepted with inspection reports . Also, the larger size of the article is not suitable for air transportation. The average price of air freight is much higher than sea freight, if you are quite care of cost saving , we recommend that you choose move your luggage by shipping. For air cargo, we offer more secure protective packaging, especially fragile items, each package will be checked carefully , and we will take measurement of the weight and volume of each package.

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