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Finding house
    A comfortable and cozy home is the beginning of your life and work. what Kind of house do you like best? Our consultants will listen carefully to your requirements, analysis your specific demand, consider your budget as well as your each family member needs and other requests,then we recommend a few suitable houses or apartments for your reference, and then we will take you to see the house or apartment,also show you around the compound,the parking area,the property management,the shopping market. After you select the favorite one,we also help you discusss the rent contract clauses and sign the contract and assit you complete house transfer procedures, and arrange cleaner to clean the house. in the first week you move into your new home , we will show you around your new compound, and gradually you will adapt to the new community life.
    Before your contract expires, we will remind you in advance , and we will help you on the check out procedures, and get deposit back from landlord. 
    If you only want to change to a new home,we will help you move your household goods to your new residence.

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